Monday, April 27, 2009

Amway’s Nutrition and Wellness

In our life, many nutrients needed to maintain good health are difficult to obtain in sufficient amounts from food alone. Vitamin and Mineral supplements are quick and easy ways to achieve optimal nutrition by helping to fill the nutrient gaps that may occur due to inadequate food choices or elevated needs. For Amway Company, it focuses on customer’s health by offers different types of nutrition and wellness products. One of the examples is NUTRILITE Products. NUTRILITE products had certified Halal. All NUTRILITE products (including soft gel products) are certified Halal by the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). IFANCA is recognized by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM, Pusat Islam) as an Islamic body that issues. Besides Malaysia, Halal Certification issued by IFANCA is also recognized in other Muslim countries. With this certification, all Muslims are safety to purchase and use NUTRILITE products. NURTILITE products made up by different categories. These categories include:

  • NUTRILITE Wellness Packs (such as Antioxidants Wellness Pack A, C & E in a Convenient Pack and a Right Start Wellness Pack from NUTRILITE.)

Amway Company also offers other nutrition and wellness products other than NUTRILITE products. These products are bee treasures, tropical herbs and pain relief products. Some examples of bee treasures products are Bee Treasures Manuka Honey, Bee Treasures Manuka Honey, and Bee Treasures Royal Jelly. For tropical herbs, the examples are Tropical Herbs Baby Oil, Tropical Herbs Baby Oil, and Tropical Herbs Formulation for Men and Women. Amway Company also offers the pain relief product which is MAGNA BLOC Double-Adhesive Pads; it provides versatility in placement of the neuromagnets to most parts of the body.

Amway’s Artistry Products

Amway Company also offers the beauty and skin care products for customers in Artistry brand. There are 3 dimensions for Artistry products, which are Beauty, Women and Science. Beauty is Artistry reason for being. It considers the mission to helps every woman realize her own vision of beauty. Women are the soul of Artistry brand. Artistry believes in sharing beauty advice and guidance as women in the world over have done for centuries: Woman to woman, in personal, intimate settings. Science is the foundation of everything Artistry do. The Artistry is based on the most advanced scientific formula and technologies available. The categories of Artistry products are:

  • New Color Collections (such as Gloss Sticks and Lip Sheen.)
  • Essentials (such as essentials Hydrating Cleanser, essentials Hydrating Toner, essentials Hydrating Toner and so on.)

  • TIME DEFIANCE (such as TIME DEFIANCE Wrinkle Relax, TIME DEFIANCE Day Protect Cream SPF 15 and so on.)

  • Pure White (such as Pure White Cleanser, Pure White Spot Corrector, Pure White Essence and so on.)

  • Specialty Products (such as Replenishing Eye Cream, Polishing Scrub, Creamy Massage and so on.)

  • Background Make-up (such as Absolute Oil Control Foundation, Self-Defining Sheer Foundation and so on.)

  • Feature Make-up (such as Control Eyeliner, Lip Color, Waterproof Mascara and so on.)

  • Beauty Accessories (such as Foundation Compact Case, Foundation Compact Case, Mirror and so on.)

  • Basic Skincare (such as Moisture Rich System, Clarifying Oil Control Toner, Delicate Care System and so on.)

  • Body Products (such as Body Toning Gel and Body Refiner Moisturizer.)

Amway’s Home Care Products

Amway Company also offers their customers home care products. Its home care products are quality cleaning products which are the results of years of extensive research and development. Besides, it’s also concentrated and environment friendly products specially formulated for different cleaning tasks in the home, office or car. Amway’s home care products can be classified in several categories:

  • SA8 Laundry Care (such as SA8 Fabric Softener, SA8 Liquid Laundry Detergent, SA8 Premium Laundry Concentrate and so on.)
  • Household Cleaners (such as L.O.C. Multi Purpose Cleaner, L.O.C. Plus Kitchen Cleaner, AMWAY Floor Shine Floor Cleaner and so on.)
  • Dish Drop (such as Dish Drop Scrub Buds Stainless Steel and Dish Drop Dishwashing Liquid.)
  • Car Care (such as Car Wash, Silicone Glaze Car Polish and Instant Tire Shine.)

Amway’s Personal Care Products

Amway Company also offers personal care products to customers. Personal care products combine innovative ingredients with world class manufacturing to bring customers exciting products that perform. There is something for everyone in the family, ranging from fragrances to bar soaps and hair colorants. In Amway Company, personal care products are included several categories

  • SATINIQUE (such as Color Care Shampoo, Color & Heat Protector, Purifying Hair Cleanser and so on.)

  • BODY SERIES (such as Refreshing Body Gel, Antibacterial 3 in 1 bar Soap, Deodorant and Antiperspirant Roll-on.)

  • GLISTER (such as Advanced Toothbrush, Mouth Refresher Spray, Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste and so on.)


  • TOLSOM (such as Facial Cleansing Foam, Shave Gel, Skin Protective Lotion and so on.)

  • SUDZY  (such as Herbal Shampoo and Bath Gel.)

  • True Scents Aromatherapy (such as True scents Essential Oil: Harmony Blend, True scents Essential Oil: Stress Relief Blend.)

Amway's Home Tech Products

Amway Home Tech products consist of high quality Cookware and Cutlery, a Water Treatment System and an Air Treatment System. These products are excellent long term investments to provide customers and their family with healthy, safe and clean living. Home tech products consist:

  • ATMOSPHERE Air Purifier (also includes ATMOSPHERE Odour Filter, ATMOSPHERE Canned Smoke, and ATMOSPHERE Customer Brochure and so on.)

  • Home Alarm System (also includes HAS POWER ADAPTER, HAS Magnetic Contact and HAS Vibration Sensor and so on.)

  • iCook (such as iCook Shears, iCook 7-Ply Wok, iCook Long Handle and so on.)